Six SEO Mistakes to Avoid When Launching a New Site

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Search engine optimization is not something you should consider as an afterthought. It has to be planned and applied from the very start. While a lot of webmasters as well as e-commerce store owners are aware of these, some still go ahead to make this very grave mistake. Some totally ignore it. Once you make mistakes implementing SEO from the very beginning of a website life it will no doubt have a damaging effect on that website in the long run. Listed below are some these mistakes made:

1) Using too many Keywords
This is one of the easiest mistakes a newbie can make. Google prefers when a piece of writing has a clear set of keyword it targets, but over-using keywords can also be a problem. It can make your article or content appear spammy. While there is no doubt it can be hard, at least at the beginning, to write and create highly targeted, as well as keyword-focused content with minimal keyword density, it is important to note whatever you write about still has to flow, and not sound forced.
2) Not utilizing tools Google provides

Another big mistake beginners make when launching a new site is not using SEO tools provided by Google, such as not downloading and installing Google Analytics, and also not connecting to their own Google Webmaster Tools account. By doing this, those who own new sites deny themselves useful info about where their initial traffic comes from.

3) Failure to budget for SEO

Not saving or budgeting money for your website optimization can slow your search engine marketing. New sites should always endeavor to save up for or budget for search engine optimization. Sometimes you may need the services of an SEO agency, for example, Green Genie SEO, as well as getting your article or content written, and carrying out your social media strategy, which all involve money.

4) No patience with the SEO process enough time

Often a small business will leave a search engine optimization process, simply because they haven’t seen any result yet. It is worthy of note to remember that results take time since a brand new website doesn’t have a history which search engines can utilize to weigh performance. In addition, by targeting competitive keywords for their SEO content, a lot of site owners dive into the SEO deep end and start to struggle.

5) Writing Non-Keyword-Focused Content
Another huge SEO blunder is writing an article that’s isn’t specifically focused on one keyword or topic. When you attempt to cover a wide range of different topics all in one post, then your chances for relevancy and visibility reduces. Google’s goal is to put out highly relevant results in the fastest way that is possible. And one of the ways to realize that is by creating or writing relevant content that is richly targeted towards one specific subject matter.

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